Thursday, April 8, 2010

Preschool Girl and Movie Boy and their tearful Mother

Jemima started preschool the other day. She was so ready to go that she barely said goodbye when we got there and didn't want to leave when I picked her up. It felt very strange to leave her there *cue misty eyes here* and hang out with Caleb, who is enjoying his first set of holidays ++.

I had planned to take Caleb to see the new Nanny McPhee movie- his first trip to the movies ever! He was so excited he was practically skipping along to the theatre, but alas, tickets all sold out! His big eyes widened and misted with tears, with the corners of his mouth down turned. But he pulled himself together and tried not to look too disappointed. I, on the other hand, let a tear or two escape on his behalf. I was so sad for him. And so very proud of him for behaving in such a grown up way.

We managed to go today, with Jemima happily hanging at Grandmas. And it was so worth the wait! The movie was lovely, but even better was enjoying this moment together with my son who was so sweet ensconced in the too big seat and getting chocolate choc top all over his face at 9:30 in the morning. I half watched the movie, half watched him watching the movie. And more than a few of those pesky tears escaped again. I could blame pregnancy hormones, but I am a sook descended from a long line of sooks, so I won't.

I'm busting to sew something, but just can't find the energy yet. I tried to make some baby booties for someone who had a little girl, but it was a fail as I did not read the instructions properly. I sewed from A to B instead of seam C. Which I didn't realise until pretty much the end. Nuts. Oh well. At least not much fabric went to waste! (And I didn't cry about it either in case you were wondering).


Megan said...

welcome back! hope the creative energy starts to flow instead of the pregnancy hormone tears! I'm sure those cute little booties could be resurrected without too much hassle as well

Miss Muggins said...

Are you only meant to cry when pregnant? Think I missed that memo. I still cry at nappy ads!
You must be so proud of your little man. It is such a bittersweet sensation seeing your children growing up (more tears ahead)

Amy Paul said...

Totally cry for all those special moments too. I welled up when you told us about Caleb's sold out movie moment. What a big boy - that is what it is all about you know.. taking pressure and dealing well with it.
Well done mama!
xx Amy
have a happy day.

Madeline said...

Special moments get me all misty too. I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to get out and about with your little ones.

Gina said...

Awww, so many tear-jerking moments. Never mind about craft-fail... the bootie has adorable potential, but may as well preserve your energies for all the cute parenting moments.

Sally said...

It doesn't take much for tears to start falling like waterfalls from my eyes either - tears of happiness, pride or sadness. They just come no matter how hard I try to fight them back.
I so look forward to the time I take my boy to the movies for the first time. It will be soon, just waiting for all the planets to align so that there is available time, good behaviour and a great flick!