Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fixer Upper

Jemmie got black paint on one of her t-shirts. I can't remember if it happened at preschool or home, but I do remember thinking, "Oh that'll come out." I don't know why I am always so optimistic about getting stains out, as I am not very good at doing it (not been a mum for long enough I guess!)

I have seen applique in the face of failed stain removal before and have always planned to give it a go.

I realised when I was finished I had decided to do a house or houses, but this is what I did without paying much attention obviously. A gratifying little project all in all.

I hope she will wear it. It won't fit much longer.


sewing the seeds of love said...

well done!
I have lots of shirts that are just for Missy to wear at pre-school as she inevitably comes home with paint all over herself- and you know what - do not believe the bottle of paint that states- will wash out ! cause they don't !!

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

You're so clever Bek! That's such a lovely solution...I wouldn't mind a t-shirt like that either :)

Ann said...

Love it! Jemima might be getting paint on more of her t-shirts in future just to get them converted to such funky designs.

Madeline said...

Much cuter than plain old yellow!!

Sally said...

Oh that is so beautiful. Lovely.

I am hopeless at doing laundry too but have got stuck with the job because I am not as hopeless as my partner (he manages to make everything pink or grey even when he does seperate the colours!!!)
I like you're approach to stain removal... thanks for the inspiration.

Off The Peg said...

Great idea and very sweet design. Good on you!