Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting back into things (a bit)

Yesterday I did some sewing. Hooray! A friend got married at the beginning of March and I haven't given her a gift yet. She is a friendly eco-warrier so I really wanted to make her something out of recycled/scrap materials.

Jemima was at preschool at the time of this revival of the sewing machine and Caleb sat with me and quietly did some crafting of his own. It was one of those nice moments, when all is well with the world.

I feel like I have to hold onto those moments on days like today where the fatigue was so overwhelming the TV went on again and again. I don't have huge objections to my kids watching TV, but I feel there is a limit. I surpassed that limit many times over today.

The solution? Early to bed, and a little begging session with Jemima to please not wake up mummy while it is still very dark. Also Chris is away on a 10 day stint in Las Vegas. So if he could come back, that would help muchly. Bring on Saturday.


Madeline said...

That's going to be lovely!

Hope your time away from Chris goes by speedily.

Don't feel guilty about the tv. This is coming from a mama who doesn't like them at all, but you'd have to be superwoman not to rely on them while pregnant. The fatigue is just too much!

clare's craftroom said...

So good to hear you are feeling a little better .

Sally said...

It is tough - particularly when your partner is away - so please don't be hard on yourself about little things like TV.
Maybe you could fill some backpacks with potatoes and encourage the kids to where them on their fronts so that they operate at a similar pace to you??? A lesson in empathy ;)

Anonymous said...

oh I so hear on the other halves being away overseas, it sucks doesn't it? Glad you're feeling better and hope all went well with the latest scan!!