Saturday, May 2, 2009

More wedding bells (and a sneaky granny)

I managed to drag myself away from the grannies for long enough to paint a new portrait for a new family in the making. This came together quite quickly, but I am not sure about it. I never like anything I have painted for at least a few weeks afterwards. 

On it's completion I popped outside and sat in the sun for a simple granny fix. I am pretty sure I am not changing colours properly so I need to look into that. I also made a mistake in this one. And I wasn't even watching TV. My intention is to have enough (maybe by the end of winter!) to put together a throw rug, so mistakes shouldn't be all that obvious in the long run!


Madeline said...

I'm the same way with work that I do. It's funny how a little time and distance can change your attitude.

Christina Lowry said...

I was looking, and looking and looking... where is the mistake! Then I saw it. Ohhh... doesn't matter! If I had to look and look and look, then it will not be found once it is in a blanket!