Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Capelets for all!

I finished MY capelet (another from Leila and Ben) last night after a very long wrung out kind of day. I get these atypical migraines once in a while where I lose my vision and sensation down one side of my body. If the migraine biz is in the left lobe of my brain I also lose my ability to speak. Quite unnerving for anyone, but as a speech pathologist also strangely interesting as I figure out what neurological pathway is being affected. A bit nerdy, yes. When I first had one of these migraines, I thought I was having a stroke and was very freaked out. Yesterday, it must have been the right lobe as I got left numbness and kept bumping into things.

I managed to catch it early with panadol and a lie down and a very kind mother of mine who took Caleb to preschool and Jemima off my hands for the day. 

So am feeling a little fuzzy today, and thought this photo was therefore appropriate.

But anyway, back to capelets. After making Jem's about a week ago, I found this one came together very quickly. I am loving crochet as the ultimate pick-up-and-go craft, and have taken to it a lot more easily than knitting. I have yarn for another of these for a little friend... who knows where it will end. 


Christina Lowry said...

That's horrible. My father used to get migranes alot and would just have to lie down in the dark and quiet, or he would be dizzy and sick. I hope you don't get any more!

PS. Your capelet is so cute! Love the red buttons.

Madeline said...

Your capelet looks beautiful!!
So sorry to hear about the migraines. I get them on occasion, and they are horrible beasts!! Hope your right as rain soon.

Angie said...

Your capelet looks fabulous!

Love the colours & I don't know about you but I prefer most photos of me to have a bit of a blur factor...not sure what that says about me!

I'm relieved I'm not the only one to have sewn dolls legs on backwards!

Kelly said...

Hope you are feeling better Bek. That is scary stuff! That capelet is gorgeous and I love the skirt you made. I wish I was game enough to sew for myself

Bird Bath said...

Capelet looks fab! I love that shade of blue and the red buttons set it off very nicely!