Monday, August 29, 2011

Onesie (twosie)

A weekend or so ago, the urge to sew was too strong to resist. I left all three kids at my mum's house and sewed flat out for an hour before being beckoned back to feed baby. It was very fun- and no mistakes were made in this particular hour which is worthy of noting!

I made Eve this onesie dress using this tutorial as it's basis. I added a "faux bodice" to make it look like a little vintage dress that she owns, and coincidently cover up the little picture. The onesie was Jemima's as a wee one which made it an even more gratifying process.

A little note if you ever plan on making one, keep in mind that you lose about an inch of the length of the onesie in the process of attaching the skirt. This didn't matter in my case because I think Eve is a shorty like her mum.

High on the joy of completing a project in hardly any time at all, I made another one in the evening. I made a mistake when attaching the skirt on this one, so it took a little longer, but cute, hey!

Eve is ONE in 3 days, which in some ways startles me in it's soon-ness, but in others it is almost a wonder she has only been here a year. It feels like she has always been part of the family. We are having a little picnic on Saturday, just our little family plus my sister to take some pics which I am really looking forward to. I sort of forgot about Father's Day, lost in my thoughts about how to make Eve's birthday special (sorry Chris, sorry Dad)- so I had better get onto that!


Silver Threads of Happiness said...

Beautiful! Now we need photos of Evie wearing her new dresses :) Nothing like an hour of your time and some sewing success to leave you with a high. Have a lovely first birthday party and hope you find a moment for Father's Day in there as well :)

pepper said...

super cute!
and no mistake sewing, ahh it's what we all dream of.. yesterday I sewed legs on backwards. legs!
Pepper x

Madeline said...

Sweet dresses! I cannot believe our girls are going to be one soon!!

Sally said...

Such delightful little dresses - what a clever idea!
...and yoo hoo - an hour with an unpick - that would be note worthy in these parts too :)

Gina said...

Oh brilliant. I'll have to copy that one in a few months' time. Eve is almost ONE - that's amazing to me. Time feels so SLOW where I'm at right now but it's going so fast too...