Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello, world.

Little Eve with her "Fleur" from OneGirlDesignwks Christmas 2010

Pink baby oobee

Yellow baby oobee

Hi Blog!

I'm sorry to say it has been a while since I posted! As punishment, blogger won't allow me to move my images around. Fair enough.

I did some sewing (weeks ago now)!

I won the baby oobee pattern in a giveaway from Leslie (One girl blog) and bought 2 of her baby oobee fabric packs to make my girls one each. Eve will get hers when she turns O N E in a few weeks, and Jemima will have to wait until Christmas. Jemima can't wait! (My latest strategy is to make the kids their gifts in front of them so that they will be excited to get their handmade-by-me items: a little manipulative, I know. ha!)

I love Leslie's work a lot. I bought Eve a "fleur" for Christmas last year and the fabrics are so cute. And her quilts inspired the quilt I made for Eve before she was born.

Jemima's is the pink one- yes that is a liberty quilt, lucky oobee!

Eve is likely to just chew on hers for a while, but oobee will be sure to get awesome cuddles as well.

Thanks Leslie for the freebie! I will make heaps of these in the future I am sure!


Anonymous said...

love the fleurs. Hope the girls LOVE them!

leslie said...

gorgeous!! do you mind if i share them on my blog?

Christina said...

How sweet they are! I love that pattern and Leslie's lovely sense of style too. :)

Debra said...

Your little oobees are gorgeous, and the little treasure holding the fleur a little gorgeous too! I just read your about me, i never knew sewing machines were so cheap. I will be sticking my head in next week to pick one up for my daughter. Oh, i scrolled down and spied your pink quilt, too darn cute!

Sally said...

Such sweet sewing. Lovely dovely.