Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hope Softies

Like everyone else, we watched the TV in disbelief at the flooding in Queensland. I can't imagine what life is like now for those affected, particularly those who lost loved ones.

I'm sure you've all been across to Toni's blog and seen and bid in the auctions to raise money - a LOT of money as it turns out!

And you have probably also come across Steph's initiative, "Hope Softies", over at Mon Petit Poppet to provide handmade softies to the little ones who lost everything in the floods.

Here is my humble contribution. Pattern from Craft Schmaft. He looks sort of menacing, but has a heart of gold. He'll begin his journey north tomorrow.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Adorable! I'm quite sure that which ever lad or lass is lucky enough to get this little beauty will have thought up a name and lots of adventures for it in no time! They might even try to menace their siblings with it. :)

It's such a great cause, isn't it? Yay for so many wonderful bloggers and crafters!