Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cross stitching it up

I am the fortunate recipient of a little family treasure! This is a cross stitch sampler done by my great great aunt, Annie Hocking (I think that is accurate) about 100 years ago when she was a child. Cool, right?

My Grandma moved house recently and was de-cluttering, and as I "like this sort of thing", I scored! Hooray!

Inspired by this I have started working on my own cross stitch sampler. I printed out some graph paper, googled cross stitch alphabets and started putting some ideas down. Caleb was in turn inspired by what I was doing, so I printed out some bigger squares for him and he designed a cross stitch pattern of his own. I pretty much abandoned my project to stitch up his pattern, and here 'tis.

It's a picture of two characters from Toy Story 3. Can you tell which ones? These two cross stitches hang side by side in our study and hopefully will be joined sometime in 2011 by my sampler!


Ellieboo said...

wow, what a fantastic heirloom to be given - love that sort of thing

Bubby Makes Three said...

so cool! Ive never done any cross stitching, but it looks so cute and nannyish, I really need to give it a go....

Megan said...

Lucky you inheriting that beautiful piece! Love Caleb's designs also. I haven't seen Toy Story in ages (and am yet to see TS3) so my guess is a bit dodgey but on the right is definitely the pig

Carmel's Closet said...

What a find, an absolute treasure, along with the new treasure made by you and Caleb.
Happy 2011

Anonymous said...

What an amazing treasure - both your great Aunt's sampler and Caleb's design.