Friday, March 23, 2012

FIVE!? Disbelief and a Doll

Jemima turned 5 last week! It feels so different having two kids at school who really aren't little little anymore, and Jemima turning 5 really emphasized this for me!

Wow, where did those 5 years go? *sniff* Happy Belated Birthday Jems, love from Mummy's Blog.

We celebrated the day with a toilet paper birthday crown I made the night before, after reading this blog post, and the giving of a handmade-by-me doll (and various other presents including a bike-with-purple-streamers!)

I love this pattern. This is the fourth one I have made! Now, each of my children have their own doll. Caleb's is the zombie variation, and Eve got hers for Christmas 2010. (Eve has a somewhat perplexing fluff addiction, so in recent times she has picked holes in the doll's bonnet to eat the wool felt fibres.... so her doll needs a new, thicker wool felt bonnet.)

Jemima requested that her doll have hair rather than a bonnet, so I used instructions from one of the dolls in the Wee Wonderfuls book.

I really love making dolls. And I really love giving them to my children.


Sally said...

Beautiful doll.

Two children at big school. So hard to fathom and yet it will be us too before I even know it. *sob*

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Jemima! Lucky girl getting such a beautiful doll for her birthday (and a bike with streamers!)

Jacqui said...

Oh happy birthday Jem and well done to you Bek, two at school! At least eve is still little. You won't ever let her go to school!

Madeline said...

Lovely doll! And Jemima is looking like such a big girl. How does that happen?!!